Natural home-made treats for your furry friend

Natural home-made treats for your furry friend

Our names are Aiden and Riley. We are two brothers who live in Queensland.

We decided we wanted to start our own business. After tossing around lots of ideas (starting a zoo might have been a little ambitious at the moment!) we decided that we liked the idea of feeding animals.

If you are like our family, you will know that a dog isn’t just a dog. They are a part of the family, your fur-baby or your best friend, and you want to do everything you can to look after them.

So we decided to start making home-made dog treats using all natural ingredients and Doggie Donuts was born.

We hope you can help support our business.


Our products are made with all natural ingredients and contain no artificial preservatives.

Taste Tested by the Experts

Winston, the labrador and Willow, the border collie, are the inspiration behind Doggie Donuts & More. We were looking for healthy treats that they love when we decided to try and few of our own recipes.

They are loving being our taste testers for any new products and have a particular fondness for the chocolate donut treats.